“. . . forever out of magic to all the grime and sweat and violence of the city,
the unceasing city, the million-footed city, and into America.”

Thomas Wolfe’s life and art were marked not only by the provincial towns of his youth but also by great cities of the world: New York, Boston, London, Munich, Berlin, Paris. Wolfe and his protagonists dreamed of wondrous golden cities only to discover the harsh realities of their “stony-hearted pavements.”

Gathering in Charlotte, city of the New South, we will consider the idea and the reality of cities in Thomas Wolfe’s experience as man and artist.  Organizers of this fortieth annual meeting look forward to productive discussion of the city as subject, setting, or inspiration in Wolfe’s writing.

Our featured speakers will be novelist Wiley Cash, historian Tom Hanchett, and North Carolina Poet Laureate Shelby Stephenson.  For brief bios, click here.

Those who wish to present papers are invited to submit proposals on any aspect of Wolfe’s writing on cities: as physical spaces, as political structures, as psychological constructs, as crossroads of diverse peoples, as cauldrons of commerce or creativity.  Papers on other themes related to Wolfe and his work are also welcome.  Please send 250-word (email attachment) proposals to Anne Zahlan at arzahlan@eiu.edu by January 8, 2018.  Students whose proposals have been accepted for the conference may apply for travel grants from $100 to $500, depending on circumstances.  Contact the TWS Grants Committee Chair, Joseph M. Flora.

Conference registration and sessions will be located in the Holiday Inn, Charlotte-Center City, 230 North College Street, Charlotte.  Guest room reservations at the $119 conference rate must be made by 4/30/18.  For further information see www.thomaswolfereview.org/2018-conference or contact Rebecca Godwin (rlgodwin@barton.edu) or Anne Zahlan (arzahlan@eiu.edu).

(Charlotte Skyline image copyright yurkaimmortal–Can Stock Photo Inc.)