Thomas Wolfe Society Board of Directors, Committee Members

Thomas Wolfe Society Board of Directors

President: Mark Canada
Vice President: Rebecca Godwin
Secretary: Bill Beltz
Treasurer: Bob R. Powell

Board Members
Robert H. Brinkmeyer
G. Paul Carr
Patrick Chambers
Bryan Giemza
Laura Hope-Gill
Caroline Keizer
David Madden
Janice McCullagh
Michael Mills
Carl I. Thistel
Anne R. Zahlan

Distinguished Service Directors
J. Todd Bailey
Deborah A. Borland
James W. Clark Jr.
Alice R. Cotten
Mary Aswell Doll
Paula Gallant Eckard
Robert T. Ensign
Joseph M. Flora
Shawn Holliday
George Hovis

John L. Idol Jr.
Martha Morgan
David Radavich
Steven B. Rogers
Bobbie E. Slaughter
David Strange
Morton I. Teicher
Frank C. Wilson

Honorary Directors
Steve Hill
Aldo P. Magi
Eugene Winick

Committee Members

Annual Meeting—Indianapolis
Mark Canada (Program Chair)
Rebecca Godwin, Mark Canada (Local Arrangements)

Gitlin Prize Committee
Joseph Bentz (Chair)
Terry Roberts
Michael Curtis Houck

Nominating Committee
Bobbie Edwards Slaughter (Chair)
Mary Aswell Doll
Joseph M. Flora

Publications Committee
David Strange (Chair)
J. Todd Bailey
Alice R. Cotten
Jan G. Hensley
Aldo P. Magi

Grant Committee
Joseph M. Flora (Chair)
Michael Mills
David Radavich


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One thought on “Thomas Wolfe Society Board of Directors, Committee Members

  1. I am a used book dealer and received a request for photos of a book I have listed for sale: “Of Time and River” that is signed by Thomas Wolfe. I attempted to send the photos, but the email was rejected due to an incorrect address. The inquiry was from Beb Borland. Her email address was Does anyone in your organization know of this person and the correct email address?

    Joe Moeller
    Encore Books

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